SKILLS USA Practice test time!

December 18, 2018

December is the month for any student who wishes to take an online practice test for the January test which is used to score and rank students based on knowledge for the State Conference March 29th. This exam is NOT trade specific but is giving the student various questions that are some general knowledge and skills USA specific that they may have never seen before. Students who are interested in competing in March should take this exam as many times as they want. It will only help their scores on the Graded test in January.

Here is how to locate the exam:

GO to Skills USA CT page:

Then Find the Members tab and Select Professional Development Exam.

Now click on the Sample Professional Development Exam

To take the exam the password is: skillsusa This is all lowercase with NO space.

Again the student can take this as many times as they want. It is a timed exam so once it has begun they must complete within the timer. Since it is web based students can also take this at home!