To: Parents/guardians and the class of 2022

From:  2022 Class advisers

Welcome everyone to the start of your child’s high school career! We are you class advisers for the next four years.

The class of 2022 has set up a Google Classroom page for students to be able to get information about class activities, school clubs and announcements. If you child has not joined please encourage them to do so ASAP, they can come see either adviser for the class code. Google classroom is a fast and easy way for us to disseminate information to the class and will be the primary way we inform the class of any class activities or information they need to know.

Each student is also responsible for paying class dues.  Class dues are $180 for four years, it can be paid all at once, or over time, whichever is easier. When a student pays their dues they will pay in the main office and bring the receipt to either Ms. Chappa or Ms. Clark.

Class dues is $180 in total, you can pay it off a little at a time each year (we suggest $45 a year)

When you pay your dues please bring it to the office and then bring the receipt to either one of the class advisers: Ms. Chappa or Ms. Clark

Students can also offset their class dues with fundraising. We will be starting our first fundraiser immediately, your child should have brought information home for that already.  During the fundraiser students can sell the coupon book for $20 and $10 will go into the student’s individual dues account.

Class dues covers the costs of senior activities such as graduation costs (we have graduation at WCSU), cap and gown, yearbook, senior night, senior breakfast, mailings home, senior t-shirt, graduation photo, etc. The dues amount may need to be adjusted over the years as costs of some of these activities and items may increase. What class dues does not cover is the cost of the prom and the senior class trip. We do plan on having class fundraisers such as selling popcorn on field day to put towards those activities to reduce the student cost for those.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank you,

Ms. Clark

203-797-4460 ext.4000

Ms. Chappa

203-797-4460 ext. 4459

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