Fall Sports

Coach: Angelo Velez  angelo.velez@cttech.org
Interim Coach: Lori McKulsky  lori.mckulsky@cttech.org

Coach: Adrian Solis    adrian.solis@cttech.org
Assistant Coach: Chris Purdy    christopher.purdy@cttech.org

Co-op with Immaculate HS, Danbury
Coach: Chris Pace    christopher.pace@cttech.org
Assistant Coach: Christ Mascolo

Coach: Jim Mills    james.mills@cttech.org
Assistant Coach: Natalie Velez    natalie.velez@cttech.org

Winter Sports

Coach: Anthony Simone    anthony.simone@cttech.org
Assistant Coach: Josian Morales

Boys Basketball Schedule [ Varsity | JV ]

Coach: Chris Pace   christopher.pace@cttech.org
Assistant: TBD

Girls Basketball Schedule: [ Varsity | JV ]

Coach:  Mario (Chef) Longo    mario.longo@cttech.org

Co-op with Joel Barlow, Weston, and Abbott.
Coach: Robert Stearns    stearnsie16@yahoo.com

JBWA Schedule 

Spring Sports

Coach:  David Simone    coachdavesimone@gmail.com
Assistant:  John Fracker    frackerj@wcsu.edu

Coach:   Jon Nadeau    jonathan.nadeau@cttech.org
Assistant:  John Barsevich   john.barsevich@cttech.org

Coach: Brittany Mendelson   email: Brittany.Mendelson@cttech.org

Coach:  TBD

Wolverine Logo

We are very excited to announce that the Henry Abbott Technical H.S.Athletic Department has partnered with FinalForms, an online f