Fall Sports

Coach: Angelo Velez  angelo.velez@cttech.org
Interim Coach: Lori McKulsky  lori.mckulsky@cttech.org

Coach: Adrian Solis    adrian.solis@cttech.org
Assistant Coach: Chris Purdy    christopher.purdy@cttech.org

Co-op with Immaculate HS, Danbury
Coach: Chris Pace    christopher.pace@cttech.org
Assistant Coach: Christ Mascolo

Coach: Jim Mills    james.mills@cttech.org
Assistant Coach: Natalie Velez    natalie.velez@cttech.org

Winter Sports

Coach: Anthony Simone    anthony.simone@cttech.org
Assistant Coach: Josian Morales

Boys Basketball Schedule [ Varsity | JV ]

Coach: Chris Pace   christopher.pace@cttech.org
Assistant: TBD

Girls Basketball Schedule: [ Varsity | JV ]

Coach:  Mario (Chef) Longo    mario.longo@cttech.org

Co-op with Joel Barlow, Weston, and Abbott.
Coach: Robert Stearns    stearnsie16@yahoo.com

JBWA Schedule 

Spring Sports

Coach:  David Simone    coachdavesimone@gmail.com
Assistant:  John Fracker    frackerj@wcsu.edu

Coach:   Jon Nadeau    jonathan.nadeau@cttech.org
Assistant:  Jim Mills   james.mills@cttech.org

Coach: TBD

Coach:  TBD

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NCAA Eligibility for HS Athletes Webinar
The link below will take you to a one-hour webinar conducted by the NCAA Eligibility Center’s staff. In this webinar, NCAA Staff discussed requirements student-athletes must know to be eligible to play Division I or II sports. A question-and-answer session was held at the end of the event, with Eligibility Center staff on hand to answer submitted questions.Click the link to watch the recording.
NCAA Eligibility Webinar If you have or receive any questions, feel free to contact Amber Viles with the NCAA Eligibility Center by email at aviles@ncaa.org.
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Henry Abbott Technical High School has a diverse selection of boys and girls athletic programs. The sports range from basketball and softball to football and cross country. Student athletes are taught to work well with others and show sportsmanship on and off the field. Offering athletics is just another way we create responsible students and prepare them for the real world.

Wolverine Athletics Hotline
(203) 797-4460 ext 4428

Athletic Director: Jonathan P. Nadeau


Phone: 203-797-4460 X 4452 Fax: 203-797-438

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