We strive to keep our parents and students up to date on the latest information regarding Abbott Tech.

In this section:

  • New and current parents can view our policies and the support services we provide.
  • Students can get a snapshot of the various athletics and activities we offer at our schools.
  • Parents and students can learn how our school system works through our Student Pathways section.
  • Additional Information on various topics can be found in the FAQ section.
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Who Do I ask about…
504 School Psychologist/Mrs. Cribari
Academic/Trade Grades Academic/Trade teacher
Academic Transcripts/Credits Guidance Counselor
Attendance Dean of Students
Bullying/Sexual Harassment Guidance, Mrs. Cribari,
Class Fees Class Advisor
Classroom Discipline Teacher who issued detention
Faculty/Staff member Assistant Principal
Medical issues/Sports physicals School Nurse/School based health clinic
Parking on Campus Security
Safety/OSHA Classroom/Trade instructor
Special Ed Special Ed case manager
Suspensions/Expulsions Assistant Principal
Transportation (bus routes) YOUR local bus company
Uniforms/Dress code SAIL Instructor, Mr.Boland
Work-Based Learning Mr. Nadeau, Dean of Students