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April 3, 2023

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Good morning everyone!It’s been too long,……..3 years…….but Abbott Skills USA is back! We came back in a BIG WAY and  I am so happy and proud of our students, as I am sure you are all as well.  After an all day competition (6am to 10pm) our students made Abbott proud!This year Abbott represented students in various competitions and the results are as follows!

Noah Derby of Graphics placed first & Kathleen Collinge of Health Tech did so as well.  They will both be representing Connecticut in SKILLS USA Nationals this summer in Atlanta! 

Bianca Lefebre of Health Tech…………Matthew Georgoulis of Electrical………Matthew Crisci of MDET……& Ashley Garcia Romero of Culinary Arts all took second place honors in their respective trade competitions!!!!!

Automotives Zachery Andrews, HVAC’s Freddy Nunez, Culinary Arts/Baking’s Romina Aguire, & MDET’s Adam Rourke were all finalists in their respective competitions as well!  Cosmetology was represented well by  Melissa Morales, Kayla Doyle, & Sharon Parrish as was Culinary Arts Henry Gesell & Morgan Marano, CNC Milling’s Nick Manfredonia & HVAC’S Gabriel Marquez.

I’m so proud of you all,Chef Longo 
Thank you to all the faculty, staff, administration, & family’s for your continued support………but  most importantly ….thank you to all the Skills USA members!!!!