Senior Portrait Information for current Juniors

March 28, 2019

Class of 2020!

It is now time to begin the senior formal photo process.

1. Read the postcard you get in the mail
2. Confirm the appointment and mark it on your calendar
3. Show up PREPARED with your outfit and your sitting fee

There are multiple dates that senior photos will be taken. We suggest you try and do this in the spring and summer as senior year is very busy.

April 1 and 2 – during the school day on the gym stage

May 1 and 2 – during the school day on the gym stage

June 10 – during the school day on the gym stage

July 1 and 2 – 8:30am – 2:30pm in the library

August 6 and 7 – 8:30am – 2:30pm in the library

September 30 – during the school day on the gym stage

October 1 – during the school day on the gym stage

December 2 – during the school day on the gym stage

Students will need to confirm their appointments on with the code that Prestige/Lifetouch photo will mail to you before each date until you get your photo done. Reminders and the code information will also be on the Class of 2020 Google Classroom page before each photo date. If you want a retake done, you will have to contact Prestige/Lifetouch photo using the phone number on the postcard from Prestige to arrange to get on the schedule for the next photo date.

The mailer from Prestige/Lifetouch will also have all the sitting fees and number of poses information.

This year, we are allowing students to choose an outfit for their yearbook photo. The guidelines for the yearbook pose photo are as follows:
This is a formal picture remember to dress for success (business attire is a good way to think about it)
– No T-shirts
– No logos or symbols on tops
– No hats or sunglasses
– No sleeveless tops

Suggestions: jacket, shirt and tie; blouse, dress or sweater.

The traditional Tuxedo or drape will still be available for those who wish to do that or those who do not comply with the above guidelines.

The background for this photo will be the same as it has been in the past


If you have any questions please email Ms. Clark at

Thank you