Drop Off and Pick Up Days

June 3, 2020

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As we continue to work through this unprecedented situation, we have created a plan to allow for items left behind in academic lockers and shops to be picked up, as well as outstanding items to be dropped off. After conferring with the CTECS Leadership, we have finalized the following plan.
The optional clean out of personal belongings in academic lockers and shop areas will be conducted on the following days June 4th, 5th and 8th following the schedule below.

Shop Shop
Day 1 (June 4th) Morning Hairdressing Electrical
Day 1 (June 4th) Afternoon Health Tech Culinary HVAC
Day 2 (June 5th) Afternoon Graphics MDET
Day 2 (June 5th) Afternoon Plumbing Precision Machine
Day 3 (June 8th) Afternoon Carpentry Automotive
Day 3 (June 8th) Afternoon Anyone who missed Anyone who missed

** Optional Canned Food Drive, sponsored by Abbott Tech National Honor Society– If you choose to participate, please drop items in designated area.

Students will arrive during designated time based on their Career Pathway from either 7:30-10:30 am or 12:30-3:30 pm.  Students should have School ID or other ID and follow a one-way traffic pattern.  School security and CT State Police will be on site to assist.  All traffic will be one-way, entering from the Hayestown Avenue School side entrance, lining the curb along the front of the building (from roughly the main entrance back).  Two vehicles at a time, students will exit vehicle and 1) donate optional canned good in designated bin and 2) drop off outstanding items (library books, AR books, Text books, state issued tools.  CHROMEBOOKS will not be dropped off at this time.   Items being dropped off must be in a bag (grocery, garbage etc. ) clearly labeled with STUDENT NAME, GRADE, SHOP.  Items not in bags and not labeled will not be collected.  Once items are dropped, student and vehicle will proceed to designated shop following the schedule above.  Student will enter their shop area (student only) and must be wearing their own appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including a face covering, hand sanitizer will be available as students enter.  School personnel will be onsite to give directions in the building as well as in the parking lot.  Traffic will continue the one-way flow to the rear of the building to turn around and then exiting nearest the North Street Shopping Center. There will also be one-way pedestrian traffic flow into and out of the shop areas for pick-up, which will be facilitated by school administration and staff.

The wait should be short, but please be prepared to wait, in your vehicle, for your opportunity to enter your shop and gather your belongings.