Student Supports

Student Supports

Peer Tutoring

If a student is looking for some extra support, we offer peer tutoring. Please fill out this form and return it to Mrs. Demetri in English, room A143


                                                                                    Student Assistance Team (SAT)

The Student Assistance Team (SAT) is a school-based group of faculty whose purpose is to provide additional support to students who are experiencing difficulties that are preventing them from benefiting from the general education. 

SAT addresses problems brought up as concerns by parents, teachers and other staff. SAT helps students access resources and develop skills in order to be successful in school.  The goal of SAT is: To assess students’ strengths, resources and needs. To provide preventive strategies and interventions to students, teachers and parents. To provide necessary support so that all students may reach their maximum educational potential

                        If you are concerned about your student who may be having difficulty in any of the following areas:

Emotional Concerns

Peer Relationships


Adjustment Problems

Substance Abuse

Family Issues

Behavioral Changes

Please contact your student’s school counselor to make a referral to SAT.