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For more information, please go to our Counseling Department Website.

Shelley Visinski 
Director of Counseling
203-797-4460, x4453 


Marisa Shanley 
Grade 10 Counselor   --    Google Classroom:  vgqw3df 
Grade 9  M-Z   --  Google Classroom:  n7ccs3w 

203-797-4460, x4427 


Anthony Simone 
Grade 12 Counselor   --  Google Classroom:  ceul43e 

203-797-4460, x4454 


Isabel Sweeney 
Grade 11 Counselor   --  Google Classroom:  l5dg7im 
Grade 9  A-L   --  Google Classroom:  n7ccs3w 

203-797-4460, x4181 


Sue Cribari 
School Psychologist 
504 Coordinator 

203-797-4460, x4430 


Gina Sabo 
School Psychologist 
SAT  Coordinator 
Equity Coordinator 

203-797-4460, x4450 


Phyllis Lamorti 
School Counseling Secretary 

203-797-4460, x4420